SALISBURY, NC – The adoptive brother of Erica Parsons, the North Carolina girl who was murdered by her adoptive parents, has been charged with having two wives.

In a classy update peripheral to the Erica Parsons abuse/murder case, adoptive brother James Parsons, now 25, has been arrested for bigamy.

Many regular readers will no doubt remember this story. Erica Parsons, of Rowan County, North Carolina, was reported missing in July of 2013, which would turn out to be about two years after she was last seen alive.

A cover story about her having gone to live with a biological grandmother seems to have worked for awhile, but the skein of deceit and lies quickly unraveled when her adoptive parents, Sandy and Casey Parsons, were arrested for cashing post-disappearance adoption assistance checks to the tune of $12,000.

These fraud charges led to 2016 convictions for the pair, and the trial dragged a lot of dirty laundry into the open.

Erica, who was adopted as a newborn, “lived a life of servitude and abuse,” including starvation, countless broken bones, and confinement. James Parsons, the Parsons’ biological son, would testify that “he and other children in the family routinely abused Erica, often at their mother’s urging,” and that he had once broken her arm. The ever-popular “beatings for incontinence” were a staple as well.

But still no word on what really happened to Erica. At some point, Sandy Parsons decided to ‘fess up.

In September of 2016, he led authorities to a field in Pageland, South Carolina, where Erica’s remains were recovered. This led to February 2018 indictments for first-degree murder, felony concealment of a death and obstruction of justice for both parents. At some point, felony charges for child abuse with serious physical injury were added.

In April, prosecutors announced that they will seek the death penalty for both defendants.

Meanwhile, Big Brother is busted for bigamy. He is accused of marrying a woman in June without having divorced a prior wife. Compared to how he treated Erica, this is tender loving care. Could it be that he’s turned over a new leaf?

James Parsons was released on written promise to appear.

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