MESQUITE, TX – A daycare owner is in some trouble after her childcare methods were called into question, specifically her method of leaving children tied to car seats for up to seven hours per day.

Any daycare owner will tell you that one of the biggest challenges of the business is keeping the little tykes occupied.

Rebecca Anderson found a creative solution that has her in hot water with the authorities.

Said authorities had their attention directed to the 60-year-old Mesquite, TX woman, who ran a licensed daycare out of her home, by the parents of a six-month-old who had put a video camera in the infant’s car seat.

The video that they captured showed part of Anderson’s modus operandi: after yanking the kid out of the car seat, she fed him something out of a syringe.

This was on Thursday, September 13th. Police raided her house of horrors the next afternoon.

When they served the search warrant, Anderson told them that there were five children on site. There were actually nine.

Police found three of them shut up in the closet of the master bedroom, strapped in their carseats, with shoestring ligatures around their necks. In the dark.

There was another in the master bathroom, similarly trussed up.

In fact, it is being reported that all nine of the children found in the house were tied the same way. Police even had to cut some of the ligatures off.

When confronted with the evidence, Anderson ‘fessed up. She told police that the kids were left in this condition for up to seven hours a day, and that the ligatures were to limit the kids’ movement so that they could not release themselves from the carseats.

She also admitted to “[giving] the children Tylenol to ‘make her job easier.'”

I’m betting that this is being misreported; Tylenol (acetaminophen) wouldn’t do jack-shit to keep the kids passive, but one of the Tylenol cold products that contain antihistamines sure as hell would. That’s why some parents jokingly refer to Dimetapp as “Dime-a-nap.”

The children were evaluated by a local hospital and released to their parents. And, as I know will be infinitely reassuring to Dreamin Demon regulars, “the Department of Family and Protective Services is investigating.”

Meanwhile, Anderson remains in the Dallas County Jail, charged with nine counts of criminally negligent child endangerment. Bail is set at $45,000.

Chillingly, one neighbor would tell reporters that when parents dropped kids off at the daycare, some of them would “scream at the top of their lungs.”

No shit?

Fair warning to parents: Anderson had a clean bill of health, as far as authorities knew. In three year’s worth of routine inspections by Texas Health and Human Services, she was only cited for one deficiency, and that was a minor one: not having a written emergency preparedness plan.

Some of these abusive daycare operators are really savvy; just because your provider doesn’t have a history of deficiencies with the Local Regulatory Authority doesn’t mean that your kids aren’t being drugged, hogtied and left in the dark.

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