TEXARCANA, AK – An Arkansas couple were arrested after a neglected dog led police to a home with several decaying dog carcasses inside.

Magan Terry, 29, and Brandon Woody, 38, take animal neglect to new heights with that Southern Gothic “bodies decaying gracefully about the house” flava.

Hell, their unique way with animals led police right to their door.

On July 9th, Texarkana animal control officers were alerted to a stray white male pit bull on city property. When they responded, they found the dog in question, which was emaciated and so infested with fleas that “its back appeared to be black and the fleas appeared to move in waves across its body.”

When officers investigated the nearby residential area, they noted a rotting raccoon carcass in the suspects’ driveway. They are apparently quite familiar with Terry and Woody, having fielded multiple calls regarding the residence, both because of dead wildlife on the property and animal neglect.

Finding the front door standing wide open, officers decided to investigate further. They made it as far as the front porch before being covered in fleas. The odor of decomposition led them to believe that there were dead animals in the house as well, luring them on despite the four-inch-deep dogshit and searing waves of ammonia.

They did not find any dead animals, but they did find drug paraphernalia and more of that flava: amidst the shit and squalor was a child’s room “with stuffed animals neatly arranged on shelving that encircled the room.”

Of course, Terry and Woody came looking for the pit bull and told officers a bunch of tiresome, convoluted lies about the condition of both the dog and the house. They also admitted that, yes, there were dead dogs in the house.

One, their “favorite” dog, was in a taped-up Rubbermaid tub. More tiresome, convoluted lies were told about how this came to be. Two other deceased canines were found in a closed-off bedroom, in a state of decay so advanced that neither their breed nor their gender was identifiable. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Connie Mitchell would later say that “all that was left was a pile of fur.”

Pile of fur or no, officers had to use personal protective equipment for the corpse recovery because of the stench.

Terry was cited for violating an “offensive odor” ordinance, and both drew two aggravated cruelty to animals charges. Terry was freed on $25,000 bond and Woody was released “because of a medical condition,” poor thing.

By the time Terry’s hearing rolled around on September 20th, charges had changed a bit. She pled guilty to three counts of aggravated animal cruelty and a single count of misdemeanor animal cruelty and received five years of animal-free probation, a $1500 fine and court costs.

Woody’s court date is in October.

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