GILBERT, AZ – A man in Arizona has been accused of faking a disability to trick caregivers into scrubbing his genitals.

Something stinks in the state of Arizona. Just ask Paul Anthony Menchaca.

You see, Menchaca is a 30-year-old with Down Syndrome. Sometimes he soils himself. He can’t help it.

And when he has an accident, he needs help cleaning up. And bathing his genitals. And some discipline.

He’s what they call a “special needs adult.”

Feeling bad for Menchaca yet? Well, don’t.

An individual named Amy, who represented herself as Menchaca’s mother, hired a caregiver off of in early May to give the Gilbert, Arizona man the help that he needed.

Communicating only by text, Amy arranged for the caregiver to assist Menchaca on 30 separate occasions at various locations in Gilbert and nearby Chandler, but (tellingly) never at his home.

The caregiver was always paid in cash by Menchaca.

Amy also instructed the caregiver to punish Menchaca when he had an accident “by putting him in timeout and taking away his privileges.”

And those genitals had to be squeaky-clean. The caregiver would later recall five separate occasions where Menchaca “aggressively said his genitals were not cleaned enough,” necessitating additional ablutive attention to his nether regions.

Menchaca must have been a handful to deal with because in July the caregiver referred Amy to a second caregiver, who agreed to the same terms. A third caregiver was similarly brought into the picture in August.

At some point, the first caregiver became suspicious of Menchaca and followed him after dropping him off. He led her right to his parents’ house, where she knocked on the door and came face to face with Mom.

The *real* Mom.

Nope, my son doesn’t have Down Syndrome. No, he doesn’t wear diapers, either.

It was all bullshit.

It turns out that “Amy” was actually Menchaca. And he’s not disabled. He’s just a freaky little pervert. A bad boy that needs a spanking.

And he used to be a teacher’s aide at Bogle Junior High. He resigned that job on Aug 31st.

On September 13th, Menchaca was arrested at Mom and Dad’s house and charged with felony fraud and sex abuse charges.

At his preliminary hearing, Menchaca, who was not represented by a lawyer, asserted that he is “special needs” and does have a “low IQ level” and that his parents have paperwork to prove it and anyways he is “starting to talk to [his] dad about getting [him] some help and getting [him] into a counselor and probably like a rehab center to talk to somebody.” So there.

We all know what they say about a defendant that represents himself. And bad little boys who poop themselves for fun.

Bond was set at $15,000, secured, which means that Mom and Dad will have to come up with $15k if they don’t want Bubba changing their boy’s diapers.

When I read about Menchaca’s shenanigans, they seemed familiar.

True crime aficionados may well recognize this scenario from some of the dirty letters penned by the infamous serial killer Albert Fish.

Fish would write to caregivers outlining this exact scenario, soliciting help for a frequently-incontinent mentally disabled son who needed cleaning and discipline on a regular basis. The difference is that Fish got off on the act of writing the letters and never actually interacted with any of the recipients of his missives (he saved the hands-on stuff for children).

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