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AZTEC, NM – Two teens have been charged with child abuse after videos surfaced of them abusing an 8-year-old boy with Down Syndrome.

Two girls are dealing with a lot of hate right now after the family of the victim released two videos on social media in hopes that making the videos public will ensure the girls do not get a slap on the wrist.

The abuse happened last year at the hands of Lindsey Moss and Dallas Baron, who are both now 19-years-old, as they were babysitting Bricen Greenhaus.

Of course the girls recorded themselves abusing the boy, with one video showing the boy being coaxed to smoke from a bong and another video showing one of the girls throwing an empty water jug at his face.

Their antics came to light after one of their friends saw the videos and was so disturbed by what they were seeing that they sent them to Bricen’s father this past June.

The girls were subsequently arrested and charged with child abuse, but Bricen’s family wants the public to be aware of exactly what the girls were doing to their son. So they recently posted some of the videos online.

Bricen’s mother says there are more videos that the public has not seen. Yet. They include the girls slamming doors in the boy’s face, and another of them holding him down and shoving a popsicle down his throat.

Bricen’s mother says the boy cannot speak so she had no idea that any of this was happening to her son.

“He’s the most loving, caring little boy and it disgusts me that they could do this to him. Especially while one of them being pregnant herself,” she said.

Along with posting the videos on Facebook, Greenhaus made the following comment, imploring anyone outraged by the abuse to contact the people who can ensure the girls do not get off lightly for their actions:

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