LACEY, WA – Police in Lacey believe they have a serial cat killer in their midst after a 13th cat was found mutilated in public areas.

In a truly macabre twist on that chilling staple of true crime, the serial killer, pet cats in Thurston County, Washington are being abducted, slaughtered and mutilated in a ritualized manner reminiscent of Saucy Jack.

The string of feline mutilation/murders began in February. One after another, the grisly, slaughtered remains of pet cats began turning up in public places, almost as if, according to authorities, they were being intentionally left on display to be found.

Authorities believe all of the killings are related because of a specific common mutilation.

The Pet Predator (and yes, I’m calling dibs on the moniker) slices them open and removes the spine.

The body count hit thirteen on August 31st. Like the other victims, this was someone’s pet: the guy had taken it in as a stray kitten and raised it to adulthood.

I can’t even imagine. I would go full-on-Dexter. I would end up on the front page of the Demon.

It goes without saying that this is a psychopath, driven by the same types of pathologies that drive the psychopathic serial killers of humans.

What isn’t so clear to me is the likelihood of this psychopath “graduating” to humans. That seems like a foregone conclusion, that the animal killing is just “practice.” And most times, that’s true.

But I dunno… this just doesn’t have a “beginner” feel to it. It feels like a polished killer that is doing exactly what he wants to be doing, not working up to it. Maybe this guy’s “kink” is animal-specific.

What do you think? They’re gonna catch him. Place your bets now. What’s he going to be? Young, wanna-be-serial-killer just starting with cats because it’s easy, or fully-formed feline destroyer?

And the spine? What’s up with that?

Local anti-animal-cruelty workers Pasado’s Safe Haven and other organizations are offering a $36,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case.

I’m not offering a reward, I’m just sending some specific energy to the cosmos. I hope homeboy ends up in a cell with a very large, very irritable inmate who lost a kitten to a mutilation killer as a child.

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