PEKIN, IL – A man has pleaded guilty to beating his 18-month-old niece so badly that he broke her leg in half.

The incident happened last August after 21-year-old Kahlus Adams and his wife picked up the toddler and her siblings.

Once back at their residence, it wasn’t long before they made a call to the girl’s parents to inform them she was at the hospital. According to Adams, while his wife was away, the girl had injured herself after falling off a couch.

Doctors examined the girl and found her injuries were way too severe to have been caused from a simple fall. She had numerous injuries, including a leg broke in half, a broken arm, and bleeding on the brain.

She spent several days in the hospital for several days but, luckily for her and Adams, she survived.

After being confronted with the evidence that his “couch” story was not adding up, Adams admitted he’d caused the girl’s injuries after he became infuriated with the girl when she would not stop crying. He tried calming the girl using an age-old tactic we’ve seen countless times before — he beat the ever-living shit out of her.

According to Adams, he first threw a filled sippy cup at her face, then picked her up by her arms and feet, swung her around and threw her, causing her head to strike a wall and a freezer. When the girl began “shaking severely,” he grabbed her leg and twisted it until her femur snapped in two.

Adams was arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated battery to a child causing great bodily harm and released from jail after posting a $10,000 bond.

This past Tuesday he decided to plead guilty to the charges. Under his plea agreement, Adams will serve three 30-year sentences concurrently but must serve at least 85% of the sentence before being eligible for release. He is scheduled for sentencing Nov. 5.

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