MOGOCHINO, RUSSIA – News outlets in Russia are reporting that a 15-year-old used a chainsaw to decapitate himself after losing at a video game.

Now let me preface this with the fact that this story is coming from Russia, so who the hell knows what is actually factual or not.

I decided to put my Russian to the test (Google translate) and browsed some Russian news sites reporting on this incident. They are all pretty much copies of one another with similar details.

What’s being reported is that 15-year-old Pavel Matveev got so upset after losing a video game on his computer that he went into his backyard and used a chainsaw to decapitate himself.

Some have already called into question the validity of this claim as it doesn’t seem possible that anyone could chainsaw off their own head. Personally, if true, I would imagine it is all in the execution.

Like, you would have to rig it so it stayed running and stationary as you just kind of lay the back of your neck on the running blade. Instant death and then gravity handles the rest, right?

There’s also the possibility that the “decapitation” part of the initial reporting was exaggerated and the kid simply used a chainsaw to slice open his neck.

No matter the extent of the kid’s injuries, all of the news reports say the teen’s death was a suicide and that a chainsaw was involved. They also all say it was because he was upset over losing a video game.

But others say the motive may not have been video game related at all, and that the teen was another victim of one of those online “death clubs” making the news again.

Investigative newspaper Novaya Gazeta claims that of 130 suicides of children in Russia between November 2015 and April 2016, almost all of the children were members of an online death group like Blue Whale or Momo Challenge.

As crazy as that sounds, these numbers were sort of supported by Major-General Alexey Moshkov, head of anti-computer crime K department in the Russian Interior Ministry. He said that in 2017 a total of 1,339 online suicide groups were uncovered, with a collective total of 12,000 members.

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