SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Man has admitted to killing a city employee and neighbors’ pets after he was told to clean up his yard.

It doesn’t matter where you go, or how nice the neighborhood is, there’s always one asshole fucking it up for everyone else.

Uncut yard, shit strewn everywhere, broken-down cars: each and every one a middle finger to the rest of the poor bastards that have to live nearby. And they’re always complete shits about it, too.

Kevin Wayne Billings is that asshole. And he likes it that way. Enough to split somebody’s wig over it.

If it wasn’t for assholes like Billings, we wouldn’t have to have municipal codes. Or municipal code enforcement officers. But then Billings had his own solution to this last problem.

Neighbors apparently got tired of looking at his shitty yard and all the “unregistered” (read: junk) vehicles parked atop it. The West Valley City, Utah code enforcement bureaucrats received multiple complaints about Billing’s deficient domicile and he was notified of the code violations on July 24th.

He was given until August 6th to get his shit together and schedule a follow-up inspection, or fines of $50 a day would start on August 7th. $50 a day is a lot of Ring Dings and Ho-Hos. Billings had to come up with a plan.

And he did.

He called code enforcement officer Jill Lanette Robinson, 52, and invited her to drop by on August 9th to inspect his progress. And progress he had made. He was ready for her visit.

A picture being worth the proverbial thousand words, just looking at the action shot of Robinson at the linked article makes it obvious she was a no-nonsense inspector that took her job seriously.

I’m not knocking her, or blaming her in any way for what happened, I’m just pointing out the obvious fact that she was not the type of woman to shy away from butting heads with the Archie Bunkers of the world.

Hell, code enforcement officers have to be ballbusters. The softies don’t last a week.

Point being, Robinson was the exact sort of woman to get Billings’ goat, and get that grey old goat she did. Billings would later say, with a smirk, “I’ve had all the harassment I can take.”

When Robinson arrived for the inspection, Billings shot her once in the head, killing her.

Then he poured gasoline on her and set her on fire. Her pickup truck was next. Then he went next-door and did for the neighbors.

Apparently Billings blamed Ryan Luke and his wife, Stephanie Sheen, for the complaints that led to the whole violation brouhaha; at least, he had expressed such a belief during a recent confrontation with Sheen.

Luke was in the house next door when he “heard an explosion and felt the concussion from the blast.” It seems that Billings had slipped into the adjoining back yard through a pre-cut hole in the chainlink fence and set the back porch on fire. Police would find a five-gallon gas can and a propane torch.

The fire spread to the house, completely destroying it and the six dogs and two cats that were in it. Luke escaped with smoke-inhalation injuries.

Even the four-legged critters have to pay when an asshole like Billings gets all self-righteously riled up.

Billings was formally charged on the 21st with aggravated murder, aggravated arson, arson, desecration of a dead body, five counts of possession of explosive parts, and four counts of aggravated cruelty to animals. Nice charge-stacking!

The explosives counts come from the 1000 feet of detonation cord and 400 blasting caps that authorities found when searching his house subsequent to his arrest. The four animal cruelty counts correspond to the four sets of animal remains found in the charred ruins of Luke’s house; Billings will skate on the other four animal deaths due to lack of evidence.

Prosecutors have requested that he be held without bail.

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