MARIETTA, OH – A corrections officer is facing sexual battery charges after she admitted to having sex with an inmate, sometimes multiple times in a day.

Michelle Lynn Kiefer-Erb, 42, was a screw at the Washington County Jail in Ohio.

Apparently she took that literally.

The latest in a cavalcade of idiots that just cannot resist the forbidden fruit, Kiefer-Erb threw away her career in the lucrative, laugh-a-minute correctional field over a piece of inmate penis. Because she was in looooooooooove.

She had a really original, foolproof way to get away with the illicit lovin’, too.

She just went and got him, and took him to the medical office for a special exam. Then she took him back to where she got him.

And it worked, three times.

Then she got greedy.

Surveillance footage documented a 14-minute visit to Nurse Erb on August 1st, and then a double-header on August 2nd, first for 30 minutes and then again later for 20 minutes.

The fourth time, they got caught. Inmate Darling got escorted back to his pod and Kiefer-Erb got to do some ‘splainin’.

She was just stretching his shoulder, she said. Why did it take so long? I dunno. Why weren’t any of these treatments documented? I was busy.

Master of deception, this one.

A little investigation turned up phone sex, expressions of love and post-release marriage plans. Inappropriate, maybe, but nothing that would have landed her in jail. But, like all the other forbidden-fruit-lusters, she just couldn’t wait. Had to have it, and had to have it now.

Act in haste, repent in leisure.

Now she’s a confessed inmate-fucker.

Late on Monday, she bonded out for $25k on four felony sexual battery charges. She’s now under house arrest at Mom’s.

Where she has more ‘splainin’ to do.

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