RURAL RETREAT, VA – A woman has been accused of cutting off her boyfriend’s head allegedly demanded arresting police officers “to take me back and let me get my heads.”

Sometimes a trinket is all we have by which to remember a departed loved one. The need for that trinket, that last link, can exceed rationality.

Roena Mills, 41, knows. She’s no April Fool.

She is batshit crazy, though.

When Mercer County deputies were called to a house in Lerona, West Virginia, by annoyed residents this past April 1st, they found her deranged ass bouncing around, bloody and single-gloved, with “a pocket knife in her pants”.

Mills had been trying to convince the homeowners to loan her a chainsaw and some gasoline. They declined and offered to give her a ride somewhere. She declined their counteroffer. And refused to leave.

Deputies later reported that her eyes were glazed and that she kept talking to an unseen person whom she called “Daddy.”

She gave a false name and blamed all the blood on having been thrown through a glass door. Then she got combative.

The deputies quickly tired of her bullshit and cuffed and stuffed her.

Beginning to fret, she hollered for her memento mori, shouting “you have to take me back and let me get my heads!”

I imagine they dismissed this as just more insane ramblings from a local lunatic, but that would change later in the day when they got a call about a murder.

Responding to the nearby residence of one Bo White, 29, they found a decapitated male and Mills’ missing bloody glove.

It has since been confirmed that the body was that of White, and that White’s father and Mills were dating.

They found the head, too, by the way; it was near some woods close to White’s home. Right where she had appeared from the woods like a minacious madwoman that morning.

Mills was found competent to stand trial on May 11th, and initial charges of second-degree murder were upgraded to murder one on May 18th. A Mercer County grand jury indicted her on this first degree murder charge in mid-June.

Mills remains in the Southern Regional Jail in Beaver, WV under a $200,000 cash-only bond. Authorities have cited robbery as a motive.

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