FOREST CITY, NC — No charges will be filed against the 15-year-old girl who shot and killed her mother’s abusive boyfriend.

Who wants to end the week on a happy note?

I do! I do!

Steven Kelley is such an asshole, he had to leave Indiana.

He had active domestic violence protection orders on his sorry ass from two different women in two different states, and I guess they made things pretty hot for him. So he loaded up the truck and he moved to Forest City. N.C., that is.

Of course, you can’t be a wife-beater without a wife, so Kelley brought along his new punching bag, girlfriend Chandra Nierman, 44, and her kids: a 12-year-old son and 15- and 16-year-old daughters. He should have left the kids in Indiana.

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude? Yeah, right. Different state, same old shit. He was up to his old tricks in no time.

Constant threats became action on August 4th, when Kelley started beating on Nierman and fired off a couple of rounds inside the house to make his point. Yeah, he’s that kind of special.

By the way, he’s a convicted felon. Not even supposed to have a firearm. But he got lucky; somehow or other, the cap-bustin’ didn’t attract the attention of the law.

What happened on last Wednesday sure did.

Kelley was in full-blown ass-whippin’ mode. He beat Nierman black and blue, then started choking her, all in full view of the kids. Just to make sure everyone knew what was up, he very clearly stated his intention to cut her throat, then kill the kids. I’m sure the word “motherfucker” was overused, and that his grammar wasn’t the best, but they got the point.

So the 12-year-old son got a gun. And the 15-year-old sister took it the hell away from him.

Then she blasted Kelley’s ass twice.

By the time cops arrived, Kelley was as dead as the dreams of an octogenarian hooker.

Way to go, kids! Seriously. You probably saved your mother’s life, maybe your own.

Local authorities apparently agree. On last Friday, they announced that no charges would be filed in the case.

I know a few kids that deserve extra ice cream after dinner for a month.

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