PHOENIX, AZ – Police have charged a man with murder after he stomped another man to death for allegedly following his 16-year-old daughter into a convenience store bathroom.

According to a police report, 40-year-old Melvin Harris had picked up his 16-year-old daughter and two of her friends after they had gotten off work.

On the way home they made a stop at a QuikTrip convenience store to get drinks.

While his daughter was in the store, Harris was approached by Leon Armstrong who asked for some money. Armstrong then entered the store after Harris gave him some change.

A short time later, Harris’ daughter came out of the store and said that a man had followed her into the restroom and had tried to get into the stall she was using. She notified employees and Harris informed a hired security guard at the store that if he didn’t handle the situation he was going to.

Armstrong was kicked out of the store and Harris’s daughter pointed him out as the man who was in the bathroom. Harris confronted the man and, according to witnesses, punched Armstrong in the face.

The man fell to the ground, curled into a ball and began making snoring noises. But Harris wasn’t done. He reportedly continued to hit the man in the face, stomp on him and kick him before getting in his vehicle and going home.

Armstrong was taken to the hospital with brain swelling and a nasal fracture. He would later die from the injuries.

After reviewing surveillance footage, police were able to identify Harris and question him. He admitted to being involved in a confrontation, but said he only hit the man once and did not remember any follow-up punching, stomping and kicking after the man fell to the ground.

Harris was subsequently arrested and charged with second-degree homicide. He’s currently being held on $100,000 bond.

Obviously, some feel Harris was justified in his actions and that at the end of the day, he simply took out the trash – especially since Armstrong has a criminal history consisting of shoplifting, trespassing and obstructing police.

Others don’t see it that way and feel that while the first punch may have been in order, stomping the man a new asshole as he lay on the ground incapacitated was not.

So, let’s get a poll started and see how you all feel about it:

EDIT: Friggin’ polls stopped working and I don’t have time to fix it tonight. Let everyone know in the comments for now.

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