BEAUFORT, SC – A high school teacher allegedly had sex with two students over spring break after using Google to search if it was legal to do so.

Brittany Whetzel is too impatient for her own good. And a bit slutty to boot.

The 28-year-old Battery Creek High School English teacher recently fell down the increasingly common rabbit-hole of wrongful relations between teacher and student.

Well, in her case, it’s ‘students’ with a terminal ‘s’, as in “so your friend is pretty cute, too.”

Whetzel, who had been working for the school district in Beaufort, South Carolina since 2016, had apparently had the hots for one of the students for a while now, telling some co-workers how handsome he was and sharing her hopes to one day have “beautiful babies” with him.

A bit optimistic on her part, and for more than one reason.

She knew that this nefarious need could get her in trouble; she told friends that she couldn’t wait until June 3rd, when the student would graduate, so that “she could do whatever she wanted,” including putting the aforementioned buns in her oven with the help of his baby batter.

When Whetzel said she couldn’t wait, she meant it.

With less than two months to go until the day when commencement exercises would legitimize her lust in the eyes of the law, her overeager naughty bits nixed the remainder of the wearisome waiting period, pushing her brain out of the way and taking the wheel.

Much like Santa’s salacious suggestion, Whetzel used the foot-in-the-door technique to bait a poisoned path that led all the way to her lurking, lovelorn boytrap.

In what I think is a brilliant bit of salesmanship, she subliminally primed him to take care of her poor pussy by asking him to feed her cat while she was out of town. On April 4th, he picked up the key and the trap was set.

After leaving town on April 7th, Whetzel flirted with the teen via text. She returned to town on April 9th and went out to dinner with her sidekick, 23-year-old Akina Andrews, who was a media assistant at Battery Creek High School. Was.

Stopping to pick up some wine, the two former educators went back to Whetzel’s place to whoop it up a bit. Whetzel texted Beloved and asked him to drop by and return her key. The trap was about to be sprung.

Drop by he did, and he brought a couple of friends.

Not a problem for these party gals; they had plenty of beer, wine and tequila to go around.

The allegations that follow are shocking.

One friend left after “an hour or two.” Shortly after that, Andrews went out to get more beer. She came back with the beer and another student. While she was gone, Whetzel finally sprang her trap, luring Beloved back to her boudoir and busting his teacher cherry.

Everyone kept partying after this, getting looser and looser. Whetzel ended up taking on Beloved and his buddy at the same time; Andrews would later allege that she walked in on the three of them. There were allegations against Andrews as well; one student would later state that he saw her making out with another student (but that there was nothing sexual afoot).

Andrews left at midnight, driving the third student home. Beloved and Buddy spent the remainder of the night at Whetzel’s pad. Further illicit activities are left to the imagination, although Buddy did end up on the couch.

So the succubus was successful, and she would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t’a been for her damned bragging. A third teacher that she copied on a group text about her conquest that night reported it to an assistant principal the next day, and the jig was up.

The first time deputies interviewed Whetzel, she claimed to have only had a glass or two of wine and said that the students were not there for more than 30 minutes and that they did not drink any alcoholic beverages. No sexytime, either.

The second time, she admitted that two of the students spent the night, but that because of the combined effects of alcohol and a new medication, she couldn’t remember anything untoward happening, although it was possible. By the end of the interview, it was “probable”.

When deputies returned to her house to seize the bedsheets for DNA analysis, they interviewed her for a third time. She jumped from Denial to Bargaining, giving Anger a miss, stating that she “thought it was a bad dream she would wake up from.”

Whetzel was subsequently charged with two felony counts of sexual battery and three misdemeanor counts of transferring beer or wine for underage consumption. She is free on bond.

The sexual battery charges arise from a SC law that makes it illegal for a teacher to have sexual relations with a student, regardless of the student’s age. Both of the students that Whetzel is accused of boinking are 18 or older.

Andrews drew three misdemeanor counts of transferring beer or wine for underage consumption.

Neither are currently employed by the school district.

No word on the beautiful babies as of press time.

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