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TAMPA, FL — A man got so angry during a political disagreement that he drove to the other man’s house and shot him in the ass.

It happened Monday night after 44-year-old Brian Sebring and 46-year-old Alex Stephens got into a political argument that seems to be the norm these days.

Sebring was not happy about Stephens’ messages, nor did he like the threats Stephens was allegedly sending him.

So instead of blocking him or calling police to report the alleged threats, Sebring made the totally rational decision to visit Stephens at his house two miles away. Armed with a Glock and an AR-15.

After pulling into Stephens’ driveway and honking his horn, Stephens came out of his house to confront Sebring.

Sebring responded by pulling out his Glock and firing at Stephens, hitting the man in the thigh and the ass. Sebring then turned himself in to police.

Stephens was taken to Tampa General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries while Sebring was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed firearm.

Exactly what the two were arguing about has not been revealed and is not evident on their pages. I started doing some digging but quickly realized a really didn’t give a shit.

Take it away, commenters!

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