DURHAM, NC – An aggressive driver, whose antics behind the wheel caused locals to use social media to get him off the road, has had his sentencing delayed after a judge questioned his plea deal that would have him serve no jail time.

Close your eyes. Now imagine the most aggressive driver you’ve ever encountered. Imagine someone even more aggressive than that. No, even worse.

Imagine a Road Douche so bad that other social-media-savvy local drivers teamed up with police to hunt his ass down and kill him.

Okay, that last part is just wishful thinking on my part. You can open your eyes now.

The asshole you are looking at is Maurice Beckwith, 52, of Durham, NC, and he is the King of the Road Douches.

I don’t know what his problem is, maybe a bad case of “Boy Named Sue” syndrome, or a pair of undescended testicles, or a chronic case of Vaginal Silicosis.

Whatever it is, he’s had it for a long time; he has “driving while license revoked” convictions as far back as January of 2003, so he’s definitely an OG Road Douche.

As far back as 2016, residents in the Guess Road area of Durham were encountering a road-raging driver so hostile that many of them were frightened.

David Waters’ encounter with Maurice in October 2016 is a typical example.

Waters was driving home from Sunday church services when he stopped on Guess Road to turn onto Horton Road. A driver behind him had a problem with this and laid on his horn.

Waters made his turn onto Horton and the angry driver, none other than our good buddy Maurice, followed him, passing him illegally across a double-yellow line and then slamming on his brakes in an apparent attempt to get Waters to hit him.

When Waters managed to stop in time, Road Douche stopped his car in the middle of the road and got out, actually opening his trunk as if going for a weapon.

Waters, quite reasonably thinking he was about to be attacked, began to dial 911, and Maurice got back in his Douchemobile and drove away. Waters followed him until their routes diverged, with Maurice brake-checking him the entire way.

By February 2017, so many people were reporting harrowing run-ins with the then-unknown Road Douche of North Durham that both the Durham County Sheriff’s Office and the Durham PD were issuing warnings to residents of the area on social media.

The next month, an officer lucked up and caught some of Maurice’s hijinks on dash-cam, resulting in charges for reckless driving and driving too closely. You can see the video below.

About time for some justice, right? Not really.

Maurice’s lawyer managed to drag the case out over the issue of competency, especially after Maurice was involuntarily committed to Duke Hospital in August 2017. A defense expert found Road Douche unable to stand trial in December, but an expert for the prosecution was later able to successfully refute that opinion.

So, in February of this year, Maurice cut a deal, and it was a pretty good deal for him: only 60 days jail time, and that was even suspended. He lost his license for 6 months and got 18 months of supervised probation and 50 hours of community service. Oh, and a badly needed mental assessment and some counseling.

As much of a bullshit sentence as this is for someone who could have very easily gotten someone killed with his douchebaggery, Maurice thought it was too harsh. He appealed.

The next judge obviously thought that the first judge was a slacker, as she doubled his community service and yanked his license for 12 more months to boot. Good job, but not good enough in my opinion.

And that’s where it would have ended if it wasn’t for our hero, David Waters.

You see, an assistant district attorney told Waters that he could go to a magistrate and swear out a warrant against Maurice for his actions during their encounter, and that’s just what Waters did.

Thanks to Waters’ willingness to seize the initiative, Road Douche was recently convicted of assault with a deadly weapon (his vehicle) and reckless driving for his Sunday shenanigans. He drew 150 days in jail and another 18 months of probation, to run concurrently with the probation from the March 2017 arrest.

Maurice appealed this conviction as well, trying to dodge any active jail time. During a July 24th appeal hearing, a plea deal was discussed that would do just that, but Superior Court Judge Vince Rozier put the kibosh on it.

Judge Rozier took issue with the idea of Maurice getting a lighter sentence this time than he did for the first conviction.

We need more judges like Judge Rozier.

Of course, Road Douche’s attorney is playing lawyerball, and the case has been continued until the 27th of this month.

We’ll see if Maurice can weasel out of his allotted time in the pokey.

Hopefully not; I hear they have some really effective attitude-adjustment programs in the Durham County slammer. In one of them, you actually find out why they call it “the slammer,” so it’s educational too.

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