LAS VEGAS, NV — Police have arrested to teen brothers after they say the siblings stabbed and bludgeoned their mother to death as she fought for her life.

On July 30, a man from Idaho called police and asked them to perform a welfare check at the home of 46-year-old Dawn Liebig.

The man said he could not get in contact with her and that he did not trust the woman’s two adopted sons who lived with her.

When deputies arrived at the woman’s home they talked with her two sons, 17-year-old Dakota Saldivar and 17-year-old Michael Wilson. They initially told police they had no idea where their mother was and that she had disappeared.

Police were skeptical and decided to question the teens further. It was then the teens changed their story. Their mother was, in fact, dead.

She was suicidal, see, and the brothers said she asked them to stab her to death. One of the teens took police to a shallow grave that contained Liebig’s body while the other took police to the hidden murder weapons.

After even more questioning, the teens finally admitted she did not ask to be stabbed to death. In fact, she was very much opposed to it.

“The juveniles told us they waited until she fell asleep, then attacked her. They recounted stabbing and bludgeoning their mother. They also told us that this attack lasted approximately half an hour while Liebig fought for her life,” said Nye County Sergeant Adam Tippets.

Tippets was relaying the clean version of the events that transpired. According to Wilson, he stabbed Liebig in the neck and she yelled, “No!” Saldivar then allegedly began hitting her in the head with a hammer.

The sad part? Liebig screamed for her sons to help her as she was being savagely beaten, unaware her sons were the ones killing her. One can only hope she remained ignorant of that fact.

Approximately 25 minutes after the attack started, the boys finally killed Liebig when the hammer smashed through Liebig’s skull. How many licks with a hammer does it take to get to the center of a 46-year-old woman’s skull? According to police, it took Saldivar about 20.

As for motive, the teens said they had fought with Liebig a few hours before they killed her. They were unhappy about her complaining and demands.

Saldivar and Wilson have been charged as adults with murder, conspiracy to commit murder and domestic battery with a deadly weapon.

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