THAILAND – A man in Thailand confessed to cutting off his employee’s penis then throwing the detached member to his pet dogs to eat.

According to reports, 39-year-old Suwit Tipjantha was drinking at the home of his employer, 50-year-old Permsak Petprasert.

When they ran out of alcohol, Permsak and another man left to buy more while leaving Suwit at the home with Permsak’s wife, who was sleeping in another room.

When Permsak returned home, he was greeted by his frantic wife running out of the house claiming that while they were gone Suwit had come into her room and began stroking her arm.

“Me and another friend came back and my wife was screaming,” Permsak said. “She ran to me and said that Suwit had went into the room while she was sleeping and touched her.”

When Permsak went inside his home he witnessed Suwit coming out of his wife’s room wearing only his shorts.

Furious, Permsak attacked Suwit with a hammer rendering him unconscious. This is probably a good thing for Suwit because of what Permsak did next.

Permsak admitted to police that he pulled down Suwit’s shorts and used a fruit paring knife to remove the man’s penis. Permsak then tossed it into his yard for dogs to eat.

Not being totally heartless, Permsak then instructed his neighbors to drive Suwit to the hospital.

Unfortunately, police were unable to find Suwit’s penis to re-attach it. The poor guy woke up in the hospital with no recollection of what transpired — only that he had a hangover and no dick.

Permsak was arrested and charged with physical assault leading to a serious injury of another person. If convicted he’s facing a possible 10 years in prison.

Oh yeah, for any of you pearl-clutchers thinking I’m displaying a double-standard using that picture, had this involved a dog eating a woman’s vulva, I’d have used an Arby’s roast beef sandwich instead of a hot dog.

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