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CONROE, TX – Police have arrested a woman they say bit off and swallowed a portion of her neighbor’s nose.

The victim, Tatianna, said last week she went out drinking with her neighbor and 41-year-old Jessica Collins.

Tatianna said Collins was staying with her neighbor temporarily and that she had never met the woman until that day.

After enjoying an evening of drinking at a local bar, the trio returned to Tatianna’s home. Collins wasn’t ready to call it a night and demanded more alcohol and cigarettes.

When Tatianna refused and asked the two women to leave, Collins reportedly attacked Tatianna like a rabid animal. She allegedly pounced on top of her and bit off a substantial portion of Tatianna’s nose.

Collins must have been a tad bit hungry too because she decided to swallow it.

Tatianna said that she did not have time to react, and all she could remember was the taste of blood in her mouth. She did not realize most of her nose was missing until she was on the way to the hospital.

“I started calling my husband when I was in the ambulance,” she said. “I was screaming, like, ‘I don’t have a nose. I’m 28 years-old and I don’t have a nose anymore.'”

Unfortunately, Tatianna does not have health insurance and the medical bills are going to be very expensive since she is going to need major reconstructive surgery.

Doctors say Tatianna only has a couple of weeks to get the procedure done as it gets more complicated as the wound begins to heal. An online fundraiser has been created to help pay for the surgery.

As for Collins, she was charged with misdemeanor assault bodily injury. She managed to post bond and has been released from jail.

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