DELTONA, FL – A pastor has been charged after he admitted to taking a photo up a woman’s dress as she was putting his child in a car seat.

Back in April, 31-year-old Brian Kenyon Jr was a pastor at Church of Christ of Deltona.

The reason why he is no longer the pastor at Church of Christ is because of a cringey stunt he pulled with a 41-year-old woman who was watching his child.

After Kenyon performed the church service he returned to his office and asked the woman to put his youngest child in a car seat.

The woman said she felt uneasy because Kenyon was acting very nervous. She would find out why he was so nervous as she knelt down to secure the kid in his seat.

She said as she was knelt down she felt skin touch her leg. When she turned around she saw Kenyon on his knees behind her holding his cell phone by the bottom of her dress.

According to the woman, it was apparent he had taken a picture under her dress. She didn’t say anything to Kenyon, or to anyone else, until she got home and discussed the incident with her husband.

The decision was made to not go to police, but rather confront Kenyon along with three other members of the church. Kenyon denied taking an upskirt photo of the woman and said he simply dropped his phone while trying to take a photo of his child.

For whatever reason, Kenyon did admit that he had a “pornography problem” during this confrontation.

A second meeting was held a week or so later where Kenyon was again confronted, this time with the inconsistencies in his story. This time Kenyon admitted a “dark moment came over him” and he did take up the victim’s dress.

He was immediately dismissed from the church.

Kenyon wasn’t arrested until last Thursday on charges of charges of video voyeurism. He was booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail and later released on $2,500 bond.

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