DECATUR, GA – A paralyzed man bound to a wheelchair allegedly zip-tied and stun-gunned a stripper who refused to have sex with him.

If you ever thought that a paralyzed individual rolling around in a wheelchair was as “harmless as a heel hound” well this article will definitely make you reconsider.

The suspect in the case, 31-year-old Johnnie Thompson, is paralyzed from the waist down and gets around town in a wheelchair.

Thompson reportedly gave a stripper some cash to come back to his place to have sex. However, after arriving at Thompson’s home, the stripper evidently changed her mind.

Well, Thompson did not take this sexual rejection. He pulled out a handgun and a Taser to coerce the woman to his back bedroom, where he had video cameras set up, and computers.

“He forced her to take her clothes off, then zip-tied the woman’s ankles and demanded her to have sex with him,” said DeKalb County Police Det. Chris Tappan.

But the resilient stripper still refused Thompsons demands. Thompson responded by shooting her in the chest with the Taser. The dancer was like “fuck this Homey D Clown shit” and fought Thompson, who then shot at the woman twice with the handgun.

Police said the woman eventually pushed Thompson out of the room, cut herself free and called 911 before escaping out a window. Officers discovered her partially dressed with the Taser prongs still stuck to her chest.

When questioned by police, Thompson claimed he acted in self-defense after the dancer “went crazy.” When investigators searched the home, they found more zip ties and a machete.

Thompson was arrested and charged with false imprisonment and aggravated assault. He was booked into the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office and later released.

Another exotic dancer filed an assault report against Thompson three months ago, and police believe there may be more victims.

“I’m trying to get and keep a dangerous individual off the streets,” said Tappan. “He’s challenging their lives.”

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