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GUBAKHA, RUSSIA – A 17-year-old girl has been left sterile after a gang of girls assaulted her and used a shower hose to pump hot water into her uterus.

According to police, Sara Zagidullina was confronted by the ex-girlfriend of the boy she was seeing.

The ex, Aleksandra Dulesova (pictured), told her that she was pregnant by her ex-boyfriend and if she did not stop seeing him she would kill her.

Apparently Zagidullina did not heed the warning so Dulesova showed up to the teen’s apartment with three female friends – Kristina Poyarkova, 16; Maria Sheputaeva, 16; and Anastasia Voronchikhina, 20.

After breaking in, the four girls tortured Zagidullina for hours. They first shaved the teen’s head before making her perform oral sex on them. They then took turns pissing on her.

But those acts were nothing compared to what they did to her last. They stripped Zagidullina and dragged her into the bathroom where they allegedly inserted a shower hose into her vagina and turned on the hot water.

They left her in agony on the bathroom floor as they stole money, a laptop, a mobile phone, and other valuables before leaving.

Zagidullina was able to call for help and was rushed to the hospital. She survived the ordeal, but doctors say the damage done by the hot water has left her sterile.

All four attackers have since been apprehended. Three of the girls are in custody while Dulesova is on house arrest because of her pregnancy.

All four have been charged with sexual abuse and torture of a minor committed by a gang and facing 15 years in prison if convicted.

I’m guessing a conviction won’t be extremely difficult seeing as the group filmed the torture on their phones and police have the video.


Aleksandra Dulesova, Kristina Poyarkova, Anastasia Voronchikhina, Maria Sheputaeva

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