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JACKSONVILLE, FL – A man fought back against a home intruder armed with a rifle by gouging his eyes out.

Richard “Beast” Golden was in his home the other night when he heard someone break out his glass door.

He was then confronted by 34-year-old Timothy Hinson, a man Golden did not know, who was armed with a rifle and demanding money.

“He hit me in the head with a rifle and at the exact time a buddy of mine happened to come up and distract him,” said Golden. “When he distracted him I made my move. I grabbed him and locked the gun in.”

Golden put Hinson in a headlock and proceeded to shove his fingers into Hinson’s eyes as far as he could.

“I dropped the clip because I have some military training and then there was still one in the chamber. It went off. I knew I wasn’t dead. Then military training took over and I gouged him in his eyes until I felt his brain,” Golden said.

He gouged him in the eyes until he felt his brain, people! That’s a sentence you will not read again for a while, I bet.

Golden said he sat on Hinson until police arrived, adding they had a nice chat while they waited. Just kidding… he kept gouging Hinson’s eyes.

“I sat on him and gouged him in his eyes until the cops got here. I was beating him with his own gun until the police got here,” said Golden.

Hinson was first taken to the hospital with critical injuries before being booked into jail on home invasion charges. He remains in jail on a $250,000 bond.

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