KALAMAZOO, MI – Police have arrested a woman after they say she beat her 5-month-old son to death.

In late January, 21-year-old Jennifer Mohler was unable to wake up her 5-month-old son. She placed him back into his bassinet to tend to the boy’s twin brother.

She then notified family members in the home that her son “didn’t look right” and they ended up calling for an ambulance.

After being taken to the hospital, the boy was having seizures, had bleeding on the brain, retinal hemorrhaging, facial bruising and whiplash trauma.

The injuries were listed as “non-accidental trauma” and police were notified.

When questioned, Mohler admitted she hit both children with an open hand and hitting one in the head with an eyeglass container. She also admitted to dropping them both into their bassinets.

A judge ordered both children be removed from Mohler’s custody. Unfortunately, the injured infant died from his injuries in February.

Mohler was subsequently charged with murder and first-degree child abuse. She’s facing life behind bars if convicted on the charges. Mohler is currently being held behind bars without bond.

The boys’ father says he hopes Mohler “gets what she deserves.” He went on to say he was once Mohler’s stepfather until he and Mohler’s mother split up 12 or 13 years ago.

Mohler came to him a year ago needing a place to stay and “one thing led to another,” he said.

“I wanted another child and she had voluntarily says, ‘I will do it.'”

He kicked her out before knowing she was pregnant but when he found out and tried to get back with Mohler to raise the boys together, she “went a different route” and has kept him from seeing his sons.

He hopes to earn custody of his surviving son.

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