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WIGGINS, MS – A man who confessed to killing and decapitating his mother stated he used a butter knife, his hands, and his teeth to remove her head.

Earlier this month, the family of 51-year-old Sherry Johnson called police and asked them to perform a welfare check at her home after being unable to contact her.

The family said they had been trying to contact Johnson for several days but were being told by her son, Terrelle Johnson, that she had gone on a cruise. They didn’t believe it.

Police went to her home on June 6 and encountered Terrelle sitting on the front porch. When asked about his mother’s whereabouts he said she was off with a friend.

An officer went inside the home and discovered a bedroom covered in blood, but no sign of Sherry. That was until police went into the backyard.

That’s where they found Sherry’s decapitated corpse with her head lying 15 feet away.

After being taken into custody, Terrelle admitted he had murdered his mother after an argument over credit cards.

“He told me that he beat her up real bad,” sheriff’s Capt. Ray Boggs said. “He said it got out of hand.”

After choking his mother until she stopped breathing, Terrelle said he used a butter knife to remove his mother’s head, along with the help of his hands and teeth.

Terrelle was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

His defense attorney stated Terrelle is an Army veteran with a history of mental health problems. He said an insanity defense was possible but he wants to look more into Terrell’s medical history.

“I’ve handled numerous insanity cases,” he said. “Trust me, jurors don’t like them, so you better have a very strong one.”


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