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CLAYTON COUNTY, GA — A 5-month-old girl was mauled to death by the family German Shepherd after her mother left her in the care of a roommate.

Terika George told police that after putting her daughter to sleep, she left the home for a few hours and left the girl in the care of her roommate.

The roommate ended up putting the girl to bed in one room while he fell asleep in another.

When George returned home at around 3 a.m. she found the roommate sleeping and her daughter dead after being mauled to death by the roommate’s German Shepherd.

Animal Control removed the dog from the home, and it has since been euthanized.

Family members said the dog had been around the girl since her birth and never showed any aggression toward anyone in the home.

“He ate by us, he slept by us, he followed us and sometimes I had her in her car seat and he would go over and check on her and walk away. I never heard of anything like this,” George said.

Police have finished their investigation and determined that no one will be charged as there was no unlawful act or neglect committed.

“I just gave it to God and I told him to figure this all out for me,” the girl’s mother replied when asked how she was coping.

What a nice philosophy. I’m going to use it the next time the IRS calls me asking for their money.


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