HENDERSON, NV – A 16-year-old boy died while playing a game of Russian roulette with two other teens inside an abandoned house.

On Friday police tried to pull over a vehicle they witnessed driving recklessly. The car ended up crashing and several teenagers ran from the vehicle.

After failing to flee police and being taken into custody, one of the teens told officers “he had been present during a murder” at an abandoned home earlier that day.

When police investigated the home, they found the body of 16-year-old Matthew Minkler in a closet.

Apparently, Minkler had been playing Russian roulette with 16-year-old Jaiden Caruso and 17-year-old Kody Harlan inside the home earlier that day.

But unlike the typical rules of Russian roulette of the person pulling the trigger themselves, Caruso changed the rules according to Harlan.

Harlan told police that Caruso pulled out a .375-caliber revolver for a game of Russian roulette but “never allowed the other participants to handle the firearm or pull the trigger themselves” during the game.

Caruso ended up shooting Minkler in the face.

The pair fled the scene but returned later and tried covering up Minkler’s death. They dragged his body from the kitchen and into a downstairs closet where they covered him with a plastic sheet.

Police say the words “Fuck Matt” were spray painted on the closet door. I’m assuming the message was “fuck you” but I have no idea.

Police searched Caruso’s cellphone and found video recorded at the scene after Minkler was killed. A voice can be heard asking what to do with Minkler’s body. Caruso doesn’t reply and instead “calmly walks to the kitchen sink, wets his hands and begins to clean his shoes.”

Detectives also learned $300 had been stolen from Minkler and the money was used to buy shoes and drugs.

When presented with all the evidence they had, Caruso admitted to being involved but claimed he was high on Xanax at the time and that the shooting was accidental.

Caruso is now facing a charge of murder with a deadly weapon, while Harlan is facing charges of accessory to murder after the fact and destroying evidence. They are both being charged as adults and are being held at Clark County Detention Center.

Minkler’s father is not buying the Russian roulette story, claiming Caruso had “beef” with his son and that his son would have never willingly gone anywhere Caruso was going to be present.


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