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BOSTON. MA – The person who struck and killed an elderly man then fled the scene was taken into custody minutes after his interview with a reporter was aired.

Just after 1 p.m. Monday, 23-year-old Phocian Fitts struck a man in 80s as he crossed the street using a crosswalk. Fitts fled the scene and the man was rushed to the hospital where he would later die.

Fitts was identified by police after matching his license plate. He was not taken into custody initially but police towed his vehicle and took some of his clothing.

However, that all changed after a Boston 25 reporter found Fitts on the street and Fitts began talking. He made no apologies for killing a man, but he did make these choice statements.

“I just want to say one thing right…. accidents happen.”

“I was listening to my music and as I was driving I was driving too quick… I was driving too quick to the point where I couldn’t really stop and it was a green light. As the guy was walking, the light was green, I’m driving and pressing the horn, pressing the horn beep beep, it was either I was going to die and crash into a pole. When it came down to it accidents happen.”

“Accidents happen…people hit and run people all the time.”

“Right now, I’m not worried about nothing, I’m not a stone cold killer. I didn’t do nothing on purpose. People hit and run people all the time, it just happened to be an unfortunate situation where I was driving.”

When asked why he drove off without checking on the man he hit, Fitts dropped the following knowledge:

“First off, I was scared and worried because I didn’t know what can happen, that’s why I left I said God forbid, I hope he’s OK. I’m a real gangster… I’m a real gangster not in a bad way I’m a gangster because I help out the community and I look out for the youth. I know that’s why everybody got my back my family. I’m not scared. it is what it is.”

After reading that, I have come to the conclusion that Fitts is retarded.

After this interview aired, which you can watch below, police paid Fitts another visit and took him into custody. He’s now facing charges of motor vehicle homicide and leaving the scene of an accident after causing death.

Police are investigating Fitts’ green light claim and are asking anyone with any information on this incident to contact Boston Police Detectives at (617) 343-4470 or CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 1 (800) 494-TIPS.

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