CHINA – A 10-year-old boy in China went on television to beg his mother to come back after she disappeared with all the money that was raised for his medical care.

Last November, Chengcheng was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow.

“He was coughing very badly and had trouble breathing when he was admitted to intensive care unit,” said Dr. Qu Lijuan, a specialist at Anhui Provincial Children’s Hospital.

With the help of a charity set up by Chengcheng’s family, his school and the Civil Affairs Bureau, they were able to raise 220000 yuan ($34,000) to help with his treatments.

Over the next six months, the boy’s condition improved greatly after undergoing seven treatments of combination chemotherapy.

“Right now, he is in a very stable condition,” Dr. Qu said.

But then his mother vanished with the money.

In late April, she asked Chengcheng’s uncle to take care of the boy for a few days because she had injured her hand.

After taking Chengcheng to the doctor for a checkup he tried calling his mother so she could pay the bill but was unable to reach her. He ended up reporting her missing on May 10 when he could not locate her or get in contact with her.

One of Chengcheng’s teachers was able to get in touch with his mother.

“I tried calling his mum and she picked up my phone call,” the teacher said. “She told me it was all a misunderstanding and that she is with Chengcheng now.”

This turned out to be a lie.

Chengcheng ended up going on national television to plead for his mother to come back. Looking frail and wearing a mask, Chengcheng begged for his mother to return.

“Mommy, if you’re seeing this on television, please come back,” he pleaded. “Don’t leave me here.”

According to Chengcheng’s uncle, he owes the hospital about 900 yuan ($140) and doesn’t have any more money.

If you want your day wrecked, you can watch the video below or check out the subtitled version here:

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