SEATTLE, WA – A popular Youtuber has been arrested for his part in a bomb threat prank at a university campus.

I don’t normally report on the stupid shit Youtuber’s do because, well, it’s stupid. However, this particular incident is going to be an interesting one to watch.

But before I get into why, here’s some background info. For those of you unaware, there is a popular type of Youtuber out there now that just stream their daily lives 24/7. They are called IRL streamers with one of the more popular personalities being Ice Poseidon.

There are a slew of others trying to gain the same level of fame (and money) that Ice Poseidon has achieved doing this, one of them being Jammal Harraz. He goes by the name Arab Andy (or ISIS Poseidon) on-line.

One of the things he does is leave his text-to-speech on for donations –meaning that anyone watching can send audio to a speaker Harraz has attached to his jacket while making a donation. This isn’t anything new, as a lot of IRL streamers do this because of the awkward situations it creates while in public.

In the case of Harraz, a lot of the text-to-speech audio sent his way referencing the fact that he looks like the stereotypical suicide bomber. So while he is in crowded spaces, a fan may send audio that says things like, “I apologize for 911” or “Allahu Akbar.” Hilarious hijacks ensue as his fans watch the unassuming public’s reactions.

But the other day Harraz was at the University of Washington when someone donated money and sent audio that had a room full of people fearing for their lives and running for the exits.

The video is below but for those of you who cannot watch it, Harraz is standing in a room full of students when his phone announces that C4 has been charged. A countdown begins and people begin running from the room.

Harraz was stopped outside of the building by some very pissed off cops with their guns drawn. Harraz makes a lot of “it’s just a prank, bro” comments as he is taken into custody and eventually being held on investigation of threatening to bomb, a felony. If convicted he is looking at 10 years in prison.

Someone who was in the room at the time made the following comment over on Reddit that puts the situation in a little better context:

I was in the room when this occurred. I am in the light blue shirt on the right side and I dive out when people started moving. The context here makes it look less real and intense than it was in person, because he entered the doorway and lingered in a very nervous and creepy way. He looked very uncomfortable at first. When he was asked if he was in the right place by Jerry (the faculty to his right), he said “I think so,” and smiled. Then the TTS went off.

Honestly it seemed like it was probably prank as we were running but you don’t really take chances. His demeanor made it more real too, plus considering he had an oddly large backpack, a phone in hand, and electronics on the front of his body (circular speaker for the TTS). The people who saw him directly were the ones scared shitless for the most part. The people in back and in the kitchen (the doorway through the back right) were much slower to run because it just sounded like a weird announcement.

In court Friday, his bail was set at $75,000 and he was ordered not to post any more videos on YouTube while he awaits trial. And here’s why that trial will be interesting. The State Supreme Court Ruled that:

“The Bomb Threat Statute must be limited to true threats. The statute reaches a substantial amount of protected speech including threats made in jest

So as you can see, this isn’t as cut and dry as some seem to believe. I think a good lawyer can get him out from under the bomb threat charge and maybe hit him with some kind of assault or something… but then you would have to prove he knew that specific audio was coming through the speaker.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how it turns out and how it will probably change some more Youtube guidelines and possibly even the law itself.

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