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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH – An attorney has been charged after he left his girlfriend’s autistic 9-year-old in a hot car parked in a Home Depot parking lot.

A concerned citizen called 911 last week to report there was a young boy sitting in a parked car at Home Depot with the windows rolled up. The heat index outside was 94 degrees.

The man told the dispatcher that he opened the back door for the kid, which set off the car’s alarm.

“I don’t want to be standing here when the parents come out and I got his kid,” the caller told dispatchers.

When the dispatcher asked if the kid needed any medical help the man said yes because the boy was “slobbering at the mouth.”

After police and medical crews arrived to check on the boy, 65-year-old Paul Bayer runs up apologizing.

He explains the boy is his 36-year-old girlfriend’s kid and that he had forgot he was in the car and he’d went into Home Depot.

“He got real quiet, I forgot he was with me, I came here for a quick drum and I forgot I had him,” Bayer tells an officer.

“Forgot you had your kid in the car?” the officer asks.

“It’s my girlfriend’s kid,” Bayers says. “But yeah, when he gets quiet.”

The boy is reportedly autistic and had been sitting in the car for about 20 minutes. He was treated at the scene and returned to his mother.

Bayer, a bankruptcy attorney, was arrested and charged with endangering a child. He is currently free on bond.

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