FAYETTEVILLE, NC – A woman has been taken into custody after police say she forced oral sex on a cable repairman.

In April, a Spectrum repairman in his 30s was at the apartment of 47-year-old Mildred Newsome to fix her cable service.

The man said that while there he was sitting on her couch waiting on her cable box to reset when Newsome approached him, grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast.

According to investigators, the victim tried to resist Newsome’s unwanted sexual advances but instead ended up with his dick in her mouth.

After she was done, the repairman gathered his told and left the apartment.

Newsome, who works at a nursing and rehabilitation center, allegedly told him that if he told anyone she would ‘turn the story on him’ and accuse him of being the aggressor.

The victim ignored her warning and went straight to police to report what had happened.

After a month-long investigation, Newsome was arrested and charged with sexual battery and sexual offense. She was released from jail after posting $10,000 bond.

As you can imagine, and will probably read below, some people cannot fathom that something like this can happen — That a man may not want his dick in a stranger’s mouth or can be sexually assaulted by a female. Such claims usually end up as fodder for jokes at the alleged victim’s expense.

“A lot [of people] are under the mindset that a man cannot be sexually assaulted, or he could have done something to stop it. That’s not true,” said Fayetteville police Sgt Shawn Strepay.

Luckily there are some people with a bit of common sense. One commenter disgusted at some of the comments being made on Facebook stated:

“Scroll the comments and look at the jokes, the laughing, and the way this is brushed off as nothing,” they posted. “If this had been the other way around and the male cable guy (had) made unwanted advances/attempted assault to HER, what would your comments be?”

If you are a man reading this right now… imagine yourself as a repairman in an older woman’s home who begins aggressively coming on to you in a physical nature. You’d have two choices – let the swamp monster ride your cock, or not let her by physically stopping her.

As evident by some of the comments, if you take that second option you would very likely be fucked regardless if she makes good with her threats of accusing you of assaulting her – especially in this current “listen and believe” climate we live in.

No one would take your claims of fending off a sexual assault from a female seriously.

It’s a double-standard thing we see here all the time when it comes to males as victims. As the great Bill Burr once stated when talking about men’s issues not being taken as seriously as a woman’s:

I got to tell you this, because I’m envious of women, okay? I’m not saying your problems get solved but at least they are taken seriously, you know. You got 1800 numbers, you got ribbons, there’s groups; people give a shit. Anything happens to a guy, it’s just considered funny. Some woman cut her husband’s dick off, threw in the garbage disposal and turned it on. People thought it was hilarious! They were like, “Hey Stumpy!” Nobody cares.

Do you think if a guy removed a woman’s titty and threw it in the drier anybody will be joking about it the next day? The entire country would grind to a halt; it’d be a moment of silence; the NFL would have some special colored headband everybody had to wear for an entire month. 

I’ve even read someone claim it can’t be rape if the man got an erection and\or ejaculated. Which has me wondering what that person thinks about the percentage of woman who had orgasms during their rape.

Blah. This was supposed to be a quick write-up and I got into ranty mode after reading some of the comments on other articles. Whatever. So what do you all think? Any of you out there believe a scenario like this is not a sexual assault?

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