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BALTIMORE, MD – A 16-year-old is facing murder charges after he ran over and killed a Baltimore cop after she interrupted him and his friends burglarizing a house.

On Monday afternoon, 16-year-old Anthony Harris and three other juveniles were burglarizing houses in a Baltimore neighborhood.

Harris, who was sitting behind the wheel of a Jeep while his cohorts were robbing a house, was confronted by 29-year-old Baltimore County Officer First Class Amy Caprio.

A witness described seeing Caprio with her gun drawn and marching towards the Jeep while ordering him to get out of the vehicle at least three times.

That’s when Harris did the dumbest thing he could have possibly done at that moment and drove the Jeep towards Caprio.

“The next thing he heard was a pop, and he saw the Jeep take off and run right over her,”‘ the father of the witness said.

Caprio did not survive her injuries and investigators have not determined if Caprio fired her weapon before being run down. Her cause of death has also not been confirmed at this time.

“Officer Caprio is the type of officer that you want to hire … smart, athletic, energetic, and with not quite four years on the job was starting to show that she had the potential to be an excellent officer and one of the leaders of this organization in the future,” Baltimore County Police Chief Terrance Sheridan said at a press conference. “She was the kind of officer that was going to go up in this organization and lead.”

Harris was apprehended the next day and admitted that he drove at Caprio. His three friends were also taken into custody. Police believe the four of them are responsible for a string of burglaries in the area.

Harris has been charged with murder and will be tried as an adult. He’s currently being held at an adult detention center without bail. Prosecutors said Harris had stolen four cars since December and went missing from house arrest for car theft days before he ran over Caprio.

Amy Caprio



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