SACRAMENTO, CA – A couple is behind bars after the body of their emancipated 5-year-old girl was found inside a storage locker.

On May 11, Tyler and Averyauna Anderson, both 23, drove a rented U-Haul truck from Reno, Nevada to Sacremento.

The next day they stopped at a friend’s U-Haul storage facility and dropped off some sealed boxes.

The friend thought the boxes were suspicious, so he inspected them. Inside one of the boxes was a plastic drum that contained a duffel bag.

Inside the duffel bag, the man found the remains of a 5-year-old girl.

The storage unit owner immediately called police who began their investigation. Detectives were able to quickly identify the couple and where they lived by tracking their cellphone information and their U-Haul rental agreement.

At the couple’s apartment, investigators would discover the couple had three children. Two boys that are the couple’s biological children, and Cali — the 5-year-old-girl found in the storage unit.

Interesting to note, Cali was not Averyauna’s biological daughter. She was also the one child neighbors reported never seeing playing outside.

Investigators would find that Cali had lived in deplorable conditions and was possibly being kept in a wire animal crate.

The crate was found in one of the bathrooms, and the girl’s belongings were found next to it, along with old food on the floor. The couple had no pets.

When interviewed, Averyauna said Cali had health problems related to weight loss, trouble digesting food and occasional vomiting. She said that on May 4 she found the girl unresponsive.

After attempting CPR on the girl for hours and giving her a cold shower, Averyuana said they could not revive her.

So instead of calling 911, they did what any parent would do in their situation… they stuffed the girl’s body in a duffel bag, then inside a plastic drum that they hid in a closet. For a week.

During the between the girl rotting away in a closet and their trip to Sacremento, Tyler reportedly searched the Internet on ways to get rid of a body.

Tyler was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter, while Averyauna was arrested and facing charges of child abuse and destroying and concealing evidence.

Once the true cause of Cali’s death is determined, I am betting those charges will be upgraded.

The couple’s two boys are currently in the custody of the Washoe County Human Services Agency.

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