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Pulpit of Doom Livestream – Episode 1

May 21, 2018 at 9:50 am by  

HERE, NOW – I want to thank all two of you who showed up our second livestream last night.

We are still working through the move to Youtube for our weekly podcast, so thanks to all of you you who continue to come out and support us as we work through the kinks.

Eventually we will nail down a format but for now we are just fiddling with the knobs and what-not, so expect a few technical difficulties as we find our groove again.

As for last night, myself, Jaded and Pagan discussed some of the top stories trending on the site, including the fatal “dachshund” mauling, the murderous clown and his yodeling henchman, elderly masturbation, giving a cup of semen to your daughter, and the Tim Horton’s shitter.

We also talked about the upcoming Han Solo movie no one asked for and the school shooting in Texas. So, as usual, it went everywhere.

Next week we will be livestreaming on Saturday at 10:00 pm eastern and will make a point of taking calls. If you would like to call in, be sure to join the Discord server to do so.

Also, if you like the Pulpit of Doom podcast and like what we are doing, be sure to subscribe to the channel and like the videos. It helps tremendously.

As always, a big thank you to all of you who continue to support the site, especially the Bold forum members, donaters and our Patreons – you all continue to help to make all this possible and get us toward our goal of being totally uncensored.

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