NORTH BEND, WA – A 32-year-old man was killed over the weekend after being attacked by a mountain lion while mountain biking.

SJ Brooks was mountain biking with his friend, 31-year-old Isaac Sederbaum, Saturday morning when a mountain lion began chasing them.

“It sounds like they were just riding bikes when of the victims hears a scream from his partner and sees they’re being chased by a cougar,” Captain Alan Myers with Fish and Wildlife said.

Brooks and Sederbaum proceeded to do all things you are supposed to do in that type of situation and got off their bikes, using them as a weapon against the mountain lion and yelling at the animal.

“Which is exactly what we tell people to do,” said Myers. “Don’t run, whatever you do, don’t run, throw things at it, make noise. It sounds like that’s what they started doing initially.”

The mountain lion ran off but quickly returned. It first attacked Sederbaum before turning its attention to Brooks. Sederbaum said his entire head was in the cat’s mouth when Brooks made a run for it.

That’s when the cat let go of Sederbaum and chased down Brooks and began mauling him. Sederbaum took this opportunity to get up and ride his bike for two miles in order to get cell reception and call 911.

Sederbaum was taken to the hospital where his condition has been upgraded from serious to satisfactory condition. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said for Brooks.

Brooks’ dead body was found not far from the initial attack. The mountain lion had dragged him a short distance into the wood line and was still standing over his body when officials arrived.

Officials say they shot at the cat and it ran away. Officers with the Washington Department of Fish and Game tracked the animal and killed it a few hours later.

Fish and Wildlife said this is only the second mountain lion attack death in Washington state in the last 100 years.

Poor Brooks. One of my biggest fears is being mauled to death by an animal. It’s why I stay out of the woods and the ocean. No matter how low the chance, I will never experience hearing an animal’s teeth dig into my skull as it drags me screaming into the woods by my head.

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