LANGLEY, BC – There’s a video that has started circulating that shows an angry woman inside a Tim Horton’s attacking employees with her own shit. I figured I’d share.

In the video you can watch below, preferably while eating, a thin, blond woman can be seen arguing with an employee.

There is no sound, but you can tell the woman is irate as she points her finger at a male dressed as, per a Reddit commenter, a Tim Horton’s supervisor.

The woman slams some napkins on a counter before pulling her pants down and leans back against a partition. In full view of staff and patrons, the woman proceeds to take a dump so nasty it tripped my gag reflex.

Not done, the woman scoops the mess off the floor without hesitation and slings it at the employee with chimpanzee-like precision.

The staff are off camera at this point so no telling if they got hit – but if the liquid nature of her bowel movement is any indication, chances are someone got something on them.

The woman isn’t finished with her tirade, though. She then grabs some napkins and calmly wipes her ass before throwing them at the employees as well. She then calmly walks out of the restaurant.

I have looked for any news reports regarding the video and at the time I type this up, there are none. I may update as soon as any further information becomes available.

Here’s the video but be warned, it is very, very disgusting. Be sure to share it with someone you hate!

UPDATE: Turns ou tthe woman was arguing with the employee because he would not let her into the locked restroom. A spokesperson for Tim Hortons said the decisions was “based on past behavior.

Langley RCMP confirmed the incident happened on Monday, and that the woman was detained in the parking lot and released on a promise to appear in court.

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