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LAS VEGAS, NV – A woman is facing murder charges after stabbing her roommate to death for calling her a bitch.

The incident happened earlier this month as 19-year-old Dymund Ellis and her roommate, 25-year-old Jayce Trevon Ernst were watching television.

Ellis became angry when Trevon would not stop talking during the show so she politely asked him to shut the hell up. Ernst replied with “Shut up bitch.”

Unhappy with the response, Ellis went to her room and returned with a knife. Holding it to Ernst’s chest, she told him, “Call me a bitch again.”

Ernst took a chance and called Ellis a bitch again.

According to police, Ellis admitted to pulling a knife on Ernst about 10 times in the past, and that every time Ernst had managed to get the knife away from her without anyone getting hurt.

“She told me she has anger problems and she just got extremely upset tonight,” an officer wrote in the report.

In this case, Ernst’s luck ran out. Ellis stabbed Ernst in the chest with the knife then hid the knife in her bedroom. Ernst was taken to the hospital where he would die from his injuries.

Ellis was arrested and is now facing a charge of murder with a deadly weapon.

A friend of the pair says the stabbing was just an accident.

“She only hit him once, and sadly it just happened to be his heart,” stated Wesley. “She never intended that.”

I can honestly say I would never murder someone who would not stop talking while I was trying to watch something. But I freely admit I’ve fantasized about it.

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