BELGIUM – An award-winning clown in Belgium has been arrested after he butchered his ex-girlfriend in front of her three children in an act of revenge.

According to reports, 31-year-old Kevin Lapeire was very bitter over his breakup with his girlfriend, 47-year-old Caroline Dombrecht.

It seems as if her three kids — ages 12, 15 and 17 — really did not like him. It was so bad that the kids reportedly would not even eat at the same table with Lapeire.

Because her kids did not like Lapeire and it didn’t seem as if the situation was improving, Dombrecht chose to end her relationship with him.

Lapeire couldn’t lick his wounds and move on like a man. Instead, he enlisted the help of his friend and protege, 38-year-old Dietwin Haegheman, to carry out a horrific act of revenge.

Police say on Sunday night, Lapeire and Haegheman broke into the woman’s home and tied up the three children. They then terrorized the family all night before butchering the poor woman while forcing her three children to watch.

“I am a monster. I know that”, he reportedly laughed before phoning the children’s school to say the kids would be late on Monday.

The murderous pair then alerted authorities to what they had done before going on the run.

When police arrived at the woman’s home they found her dead body in the garage and her three children tied up in the attic — but alive.

Police would take Lapeire into custody after he drove to his hometown of Breedene and got on the roof of a 13-story building. While on the roof Lapeire fired a handgun in the air and threatened to jump while streaming on Facebook Live.

As usual with these types of guys, he didn’t jump. After a few hours, the clown surrendered. He was taken into custody and charged with murder. His accomplice was arrested later that day in the town of Melle.

Lapeire is an award-winning circus clown who was voted best clown in Benelux – Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg – in 2011.

His buddy Haeghemann performed as the lederhosen-clad, beer drinking character named “Dietwin the Yodeller” who, as you might have guessed, yodeled.

Kevin Lapeire as Clown Tobi

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