HERE, NOW – Well it has been another year of mothers who have behaved extremely badly.

Since it is Mother’s Day, I made a quick summary of women we have reported on over the last year who probably won’t be getting any Happy Mother’s Day cards.

As for the women out there who read the site who have not managed to purposefully injure or murder their children, no matter how hard that may have been at times, congratulations.

I hope your kids have shown you their appreciation.

If they haven’t, you definitely have mine even if you are limiting the number of stories I can post.

So without further ado, here are 22 women who failed miserably at being a Mom.

I have only included the women who are still alive, and not the one’s who saved taxpayers some money.

Jaye Hadley – killed her 5-year-old son by beating him with a shoe and bashing his head on the floor.

Teri Lee Sanchez – Pimped out her daughter to pedophiles in exchange for cash and prizes.

Morgan Summerlin – Pimped out two daughters to pedophiles in exchange for cash and prizes.

Asia Beach – Left her severely disabled daughter in the back of a stranger’s pickup truck then wandered a couple blocks away “attempting to break into neighboring houses and vehicles.”

Hanane Mouhib – Dcapitated her 7-year-old son with a kitchen knife 10 days after being released from a psychiatric hospital

Katrina Shangreaux – pleaded guilty to beating beating her 2-year-old child to death because they wet the bed.

Tori Lee Castillo – Locked her two young children in the trunk of her car as she went shopping inside Wal-mart.

Erica Shryock – Arrested after her 15-day-old baby suffered at least 100 rat bites, including a bite so severe you could see the infant’s skull.

Shontrell Murphy – Repeatedly hit her young son after he made a Mother’s Day card for his grandmother but not for her.

Lovily Johnson – Accused of letting her infant starve to death as he sat strapped in a car seat inside her apartment.

Dijanelle Fowler – Taught her one-year-old daughter how to cook after leaving her in a hot car for six hours while she got her hair did.

Isabel Cartuno Martinez – Stabbed her four young children to death, along with her husband.

Tara Gotovnik – Accused of drugging and sexually assaulting her 10-year-old son.

Keri Harwood – Videotaped herself molesting her two children multiple times in the bathroom of her home, then sold the videos to a man she met online.

Ashley Attson – Sentenced for killing her 17-month-old daughter by stranding her in the desert.

Jessica Briones – Charged after not calling for medical help for her dying 4-year-old daughter because she was low on minutes.

Unidentified – The unnamed woman in Brussels who police believe killed her two-year-old daughter by burning her alive on a charcoal grill.

Sarah Lockner – Tried flushing her newborn baby down a McDonald’s toilet where she worked.

Amelia DiStasio – Killed her autistic son by setting him on fire in a bathtub inside their apartment.

Heidy Rios – Accused of cracking her newborn’s skull by throwing the kid at his father during an argument.

Sarah HendersonFatally shot her two young daughters as they slept.

Alyssa Pettibone – Fatally shot her 2-year-old son to death before stabbing herself repeatedly in the neck.

And if that wasn’t enough horrible crap for you to read, here is Episode Zero of the Pulpit of Doom Livestream myself, Jaded and Pagan conducted last night. It was an unadvertised test as we have not used our Youtube Channel in forever, and never used it to livestream until last night.

What you see and hear is not necessarily how future livestreams will look or be conducted, it was just our first and we were testing things out live – as we usually do. The next one hasn’t been scheduled yet, but should be next Sunday at 10:00 pm eastern. Please be sure to subscribe.

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