ATLANTA, GA – A mother has pleaded guilty to pimping out her two daughters – ages 5 and 6 – to men in exchange for cash and drugs.

Last April, the two girls were living with temporary legal guardians after their mother, 25-year-old Morgan Summerlin, was placed in jail.

The girls told the adults that their mother would routinely take them to men who would sexually assault and rape them.

One of the men they called “Pop,” later identified as 78-year-old Richard Office, was the man who gave Summerlin drugs.

The girls said Office touched their private parts and “humped” the 5-year-old girl, causing her to bleed from her vaginal area.

In another incident, they said their mother waited in the living room of Office’s home while Office tongue-kissed both girls in his bedroom and raped the younger sister while the older sister rubbed his feet.

When he was finished he gave the girls one-hundred dollars that was immediately taken from them by their mother.

The girls said their mom also brought them to to the home of Alfredo Trejo, who also raped and molested the girls. Trejo also paid the girls for their services and, as usual, that money went right into their pimp’s mother’s pocket.

Richard “Pops” Office

On Friday, Summerlin entered a guilty plea for rape and trafficking a person for sexual servitude, cruelty to children and enticing a child for indecent purposes. She will be sentenced on June 4th.

“It is difficult to imagine facts that are more horrific than those found in this case,” said Chief Senior Assistant District Attorney Irina Khasin. “I am hoping these two little girls can somehow survive this abuse and grow into healthy adults who can lead a productive and fulfilling life.”

The girls’ grandmother, Teresa Davidson, is already in jail after pleading guilty to cruelty to children for not protecting the girls. They had told her that their mother was letting men sexually abuse them and she did absolutely nothing to stop it. She is serving four years.

As for Office, he will die in prison. He was sentenced to life behind bars without parole after being found guilty on May 1st on charges of rape, child molestation, trafficking a person for sexual servitude, enticing a child for indecent purposes, and sexual battery.

Trejo faired a little better. He was found guilty on charges that pretty much mirrored Office’s. He will serve 25 years behind bars and the rest of his life on probation.

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