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HOUSTON, MO – Two teens have been accused of intentionally killing a puppy by throwing it off an unused fire watch tower.

Police were initially contacted by a woman who said an unnamed juvenile was bragging to other students at Houston High School about he and 17-year-old Taylor DeWolfe throwing a puppy to its death.

When police questioned DeWolfe, he admitted that he and the other boy had driven to the Highway 38 fire lookout tower with the sole purpose of killing the puppy.

After climbing to the highest platform on the tower, DeWolfe said the other boy took the puppy and tossed it to the ground 100 feet below.

When they climbed back down, DeWolfe said the other boy picked up the dog’s corpse and threw it in a ditch.

DeWolfe went on to say that the juvenile later told him he had told people at school what they had done and maybe they should move the puppy’s body.

So DeWolfe went back to the scene to get the puppy’s corpse, put it in the trunk of his car and then left it on the side of Highway Z.

The teen is facing charges of trespassing, animal abuse and tampering with physical evidence. He’s also facing a charge of stealing after he told police he and the other boy had stolen County Road signs.

DeWolfe has been released on bond. I didn’t find out anything about charges filed against the juvenile who, according to DeWolfe, did the actual puppy tossing.

Unfortunately, the animal abuse charge against DeWolfe is not a felony because “the dog was not tortured while alive,” said Texas County prosecuting attorney Parke Stevens Jr.

But no worries for any of you wanting the boys to suffer a severe punishment. Based on the comments being left on a Facebook profile that may (or may not) be DeWolfe’s, it’s probably best the boys stay inside for a bit… as there is a growing line of locals who want to have a word with them.

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