HOUSTON, TX – A 10-year-old boy in Houston died after he was electrocuted while hiding inside a dryer during a game of hide-and-seek with friends.

On Friday, Fernando Hernandez Jr. was playing hide-and-seek with some other kids when he decided to hide inside a dryer in his apartment complex’s laundry room.

The kids he was playing with would find Hernandez unresponsive inside the dryer and called for help.

“I was just inside cooking… and my little son came inside and told me my son was dead on the floor,” said Hernandez’s mother. “He was purple and his eyes were open and he was gone.”

His parents performed CPR on the boy until paramedics arrived, but Hernandez would later be pronounced dead at the hospital.

When this was first reported, the cause of death was not known so I assumed someone turned on the dryer while he was in it, or he died of some kind of positional asphyxiation or suffocation.

But on Monday an autopsy would reveal Hernandez had been electrocuted.

We’ve reported on a few hide-and-seek deaths over the years, but mainly from suffocating in things like a storage locker or a microwave. This is the first time we had a kid electrocuted and

I’m still not understanding exactly how this happened, but someone left a comment on DailyMail that stated:

“Pre-1996 dryers and ovens can have a major wiring flaw in that the 240 V plug only has connections for the two 120V phases and neutral, but no real ground; if the neutral gets broken, anything on the far side of the break will float, pulled up by the 120V motor. That’s why they are supposed to run a separate wire to a copper water pipe, but that often gets broken, or the pipe gets replaced with plastic. Complexes like this should be required to put 4 wire plugs on any appliance in a shared space.”

I know it may surprise some of you, but I am not an electrician. So I understood that comment about as much as I understand where we are with gender pronouns in this current year.

I think I get what they are saying, but are there any actual electricians out there who can weigh in on this?

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