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Site Update for 4/20/2018

April 20, 2018 at 12:15 pm by  

HERE, NOW – I made a post in our forums explaining the recent lack of articles, but since not all of you visit the forums, I figured it was time to post something more public — especially after getting a recent email (thanks for your input, Sharon).

The fact of the matter is that I am burned out. After 14 years and thousands of articles (5441 written by me alone), I am having a real hard time getting motivated to write another article about something horrible happening to someone.

It has gotten to the point that I don’t even like checking the news for crime-related articles. I have become thoroughly desensitized by it all and more cynical than I thought possible. None of this is helped by, for the last five years or so, my personal and professional life have gotten a hell of a lot busier.

I thought taking a short break would give me time to refresh my batteries, but that short break has turned into almost three weeks. I can’t seem to re-ignite that spark that kept me interested in writing about this stuff. This was compounded by two of the site partners, and still my closest friends, totally burning out helping with the site.

I’m not done with the DD, so don’t get me wrong. I still love running it and the things we have done and can still do — I just cannot find the motivation to write any articles at this very moment. I’ve got way too many articles in a draft status that I just could not get the motivation to finish. I think I may have written and read more crime-related news articles than any other blogger out there, not counting an actual professional journalist. So please, cut me a little slack.

I have practically begged for writers for over five years, to varying degrees of success. I don’t blame any writer for stopping… some find it isn’t as easy as they thought — especially on a consistent basis. Some want to get (understandably) paid, some have simply burned out long before I did and some think I am too much of an asshole. Regardless, I appreciate every single contribution anyone has ever made to the site and they all have my deepest thanks.

There was a time when I had someone who had the time to setup new writers and get their ball rolling — something I didn’t have time for then and have even less time for now. So even if I were to try and bring in new writers, I don’t have adequate time to get them setup, nor the desire to read and edit what they submit.

Fortunately, this site doesn’t pay my bills… it has been, and will remain, a hobby. Had I depended on this site to put food on a table, I’d have done a lot of things differently over the last 14 years. But that’s a good thing for me and you as it leaves me in an interesting position. I am free to make drastic changes without the fear of being homeless.

So this is where I am with the site… I’m going to make some changes, some of them drastic. I am excited about these changes as they mean we will be starting a new chapter, something that I am looking forward to as I have grown very, very complacent – and a bored Morbid is not a productive Morbid.

Don’t worry, though. There will be absolutely no change in tone or subject matter.

However, what will be changing is the resuming of our weekly, and possibly daily, podcasts (which include finally doing something with our Twitch and Youtube channels), a massive forum upgrade (that includes members getting their personal blog capabilities back), and, more importantly, a site redesign that will allow for all the crime news you can shake a stick at. These will include written articles and articles shared on our main page from people who just want to share a story rather than writing one.

These changes will probably happen in that order and are going to take a little time to pull off, as I don’t have a lot of time to spare. I’ll get a timeline of possible deadlines for these things posted in a future status thread in our forums. I’m trying to pull in some people to help with these transitions to make the changes go more smoothly and quickly, and I’ll keep you updated on their progress.

Also remember, if you are looking for a daily dose of crime news, you can always find it in our forums and in our Facebook Group. It’s non-stop in those two places. But as far as this front page goes, for right now as I type this, the articles are going to be sparse as I start implementing these changes (which will mainly take place in the evenings or weekends). I will at least try to get at least one article a day to let people know the site is still active.

Lastly, I want to thank each and every one of you who continue to visit and support the site, whether that be by visiting, participating, or donating some dough. It truly is the only thing that has kept the gas in my tank, even when I felt like the needle was way too far to the left of empty. All I can ask of you is to continue sticking by the site. I’ll get it done and we will look at this as just another bump in this long, crazy road we’ve been driving down.

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