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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — Police have charged a woman with attempted murder after they say she intentionally set her ex-boyfriend on fire on Easter Sunday.

According to reports, 38-year-old Shivon Perez asked her ex-boyfriend Bradley Atkins over to her apartment to help her fix a pipe that was leaking under her bathroom sink.

The couple had only broken up the week before but were on amicable terms, according to Atkins. He thought he was at the apartment to fix the leak, eat dinner and watch a movie.

However, while he was under the sink working on the pipe, he noticed Perez standing over him while holding a container.

When he asked what was inside the container, Perez responded, “It’s gasoline, you son of a bitch,” before dousing him with charcoal fluid.

“You are going to pay,” Perez reportedly said before setting Atkins on fire.

As Atkins began taking off his burning clothes, he noticed Perez was locking the front door while spraying the charcoal fluid on the living room floor.

Police say Perez had boards set up at every window in the one bedroom apartment and that she previously had neighbors switch her locks so that they worked from the outside instead of the inside.

But despite all her attempts to burn her ex-boyfriend alive, Atkins was able to escape the apartment. He was taken to the hospital with severe burns to his face, chest, neck, arm, and hand.

Perez also had to be taken to the hospital after she ran back into the burning apartment to save her dog. She suffered from smoke inhalation and had to be intubated and sedated.

Police have charged Perez with attempted homicide, arson, and kidnapping. She’s currently being held at the Orange County jail without bond.

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