FORT WAYNE, IN – A 19-year-old girl has admitted to poisoning breast milk in an effort to kill her 11-week-old niece.

In January of 2017, Sarai Rodriguez-Miranda decided she was going to kill her niece after her brother and her fiancée moved in with her and her mother.

They were only going to stay temporarily, but Rodriguez-Miranda got upset when they stayed longer than planned. She figured a quick way to get them out was to kill their baby.

With the help of her boyfriend, she began putting crushed up Excedrin in breast milk that was being stored in the refrigerator. Luckily, her mother discovered texts between Rodriguez-Miranda and her boyfriend discussing her actions.

“I’m gonna crush up some of these pills since she decided they can stay longer and kill their baby,” Rodriguez-Miranda says in one of the texts. “Idk they were laying on the counter in front of everyone so I couldn’t check what they were. And I’m honestly not worried about getting caught. Theyre not gunna suspect me,” she wrote in another.

More chillingly is the text she sent when the pills didn’t seem to do the job.

“Why didn’t that baby die dude thats dumb. They definitely threw it out,” she texted.

After seeing these texts, her mother checked the bottles in the refrigerator and found one of them was darker than the other and contained a residue at the bottom.

Tests would later reveal the bottle contained a combination of Acetaminophen, caffeine and aspirin. Enough of it that had the baby ingested it all, it would have killed her.

On Monday, Rodriguez-Miranda entered her plea and will be sentenced on one count of attempted murder on May 18. She’s looking at 20 to 40 years behind bars. But hey, at least she won’t have to live with her brother and his fiancée any longer.

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