MINNEAPOLIS, MN – A man has been arrested after he allegedly urinated in his co-worker’s water bottle 15 times because she rebuked his romantic advances.

Police were called to a Perkins restaurant in Vadnais Heights after a 42-year-old employee called to report she was being harassed by her co-worker, 47-year-old Conrrado Cruz Perez.

She told police that a few months earlier Perez had expressed romantic feelings toward her. She responded by telling Perez she wasn’t interested in him romantically and just wanted to remain friends.

After that, the woman said the water in the water bottle she brings to work tasted like urine. It took 15 different times over three months for the woman to finally suspect she may be drinking Perez’ piss.

Which, honestly, is a lot of piss to drink before coming to that realization.

Anyway, when police questioned Perez about the woman’s urine tainted water, he denied ever urinating in his co-worker’s water bottle. That is until police told him they were going to conduct a DNA test.

That’s when Perez suddenly remembered that on one occasion he used her water bottle as a toilet because he could not get to the bathroom in time and simply forgot to throw the water bottle away.

Perez was arrested and charged with two counts of adulterating a substance with bodily fluids. He has yet to enter a plea and his next court appearance is scheduled for March 28.

We’ve reported on several men who like to pull stunts like this. One guy would piss on female co-worker’s chairs, while another got caught ejaculating in a female co-worker’s water bottles. But it ain’t just men who spike co-worker’s drinks. One woman put so much meth in a fellow employee’s coffee that he fell into a four-week coma.


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