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MELCROFT, PA – A 28-year-old man has been accused of gunning down his ex-girlfriend and three others at a Pennsylvania car wash.

Early Sunday morning, Timothy Smith pulled into Ed’s Car Wash and parked his truck on the side of the two-bay facility and waited for his ex-girlfriend, 25-year-old Chelsie Cline.

She eventually showed up with 27-year-old William Porterfield. Although Smith and Cline split up months ago, Smith was reportedly still obsessed with Cline.

“He would leave her stuff on her car. She’d get done with work and she’d come out and there would be a case of beer on her hood or scratch off tickets or anything. If he found out she was sick, he’d bring her flowers,” said Cline’s half-sister.

For the previous two days, Cline had been hanging out with Porterfield — a married man who had been experiencing relationship issues with the woman he’d just married in November.

After the two had parked at the car wash and had gotten out of their car, they were ambushed by Smith who was armed with a .308 caliber rifle and a handgun. Smith immediately opened fire on Cline and Porterfield, killing them both.

While this was happening, 23-year-old Courtney Snyder and Cline’s half-brother, 21-year-old Seth Cline, pulled into the car wash. Smith opened fire on them as well, killing them both as they sat in their truck.

After Smith was finished, he shot himself in the head. According to a man who lives nearby, around 30 shots were fired in total. Surprisingly, Smith wasn’t as good of a shot when aiming a gun at his own head and he survived. For now, at least. He’s currently on life support and is not expected to live.

There was one other person there at the time of the shootings who did survive, however — a female who was hiding in the backseat of the truck. The only injuries she suffered was from being cut by the broken glass that rained down on top of her.

To put a creepy little spin on such a tragic story, Cline posted a message to her Facebook last week that read: “After this week, I rlly (sic) need to get taken out … on a date or by a sniper either one is fine w me at this point.” To which Smith ominously replied: “I could do both.”

Chelsie Kline, Courtney Snyder, Seth Cline, William Portersfield,

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