SPOKANE, WA – Police have arrested a man after he beat the ever-living crap out of a toddler who made the grave mistake of interrupting him as he played a video game.

Police were called to Sacred Heart on Sunday after 22-year-old Brandon Oquendo brought in his girlfriend’s daughter who was suffering from a seizure.

When hospital staff examined the 21-month-old girl, they found she had multiple life-threatening injuries from suspected abuse, so they called police.

According to court documents, these injuries included two brain bleeds, a collapsed lung, bruises on her face, and hand size bruises on the front of both hips and above her privates.

When police interviewed the girl’s mother, she told them that Oquendo was babysitting the girl while she was at work. She said he had called her at work to inform her that her daughter was having a seizure.

She added that she recently confronted Oquendo over an increasing amount of bruises showing up on her daughter, and that he’d explained they were the result of the girl rough-housing with his son.

When Oquendo was interviewed, he initially denied doing anything to hurt the girl but eventually admitted he had punched the girl in the stomach when she hit him in the face.

When police pointed out that a punch to the gut does not explain two brain bleeds, Oquendo admitted he may have gotten a little upset with the girl when she walked in front of the television while he played on his Xbox.

He said he “lost control of himself” and accidentally hit the girl in the back of the head while he was still holding the game controller. Oquendo said he hit her so hard that she flipped over and fell to the floor.

Oquendo said the girl fell asleep beside him, but when she woke up her eyes rolled back in her head and she began having a seizure. That’s when he called 911 and then his girlfriend. Oquendo was subsequently arrested and charged with first degree assault of a child.

When he appeared in court Monday afternoon, his attorney asked the judge to set his client’s bond at no more than $5000 because Oquendo only “had $80 to his name.” Judge Annette Plese ignored the request and set the child abusing man-child’s bond at $150,000.

Realizing he is screwed, Oquendo has since changed his story, telling reporters he did not injure the girl and made the entire story up because he was tired of talking to the detectives and just wanted to go home.

As for the girl, she is still in ICU fighting for her life.

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