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State Of The Site (I’m Not Dead…Yet)

October 27, 2017 at 5:49 pm by  

HERE, NOW – First off, thanks to everyone who sent me all the well-wishes and inquires into my absence. No, I am not in jail for any road rage or solicitation offenses, I did not have a herpes flair-up and I did not have any form of drug-induced heart attack.

Truth is, I have just been super busy. Like, busier than at any time I have been running this site for the last 13 years, 7 months and 18 days. After all that time, my work life finally caught up with me. Which is a good thing since it pays the bills, but bad in that I now have to find time to write articles.

I’ve tried a variety of tactics over the last few years to combat this, including trying to pull in more suckers writers and even trying to post at night. But neither have panned out too well — as you have seen yourself.

So, with my week long vacation starting today, I am going to attempt a couple of things in between binge watching Stranger Things and playing Wolfenstein 2.

The main thing is that I will be posting sporadically throughout the next week, just to get some content back on the site, but I will be back on a semi-daily basis after that — possibly writing a bit in the evenings and the following mornings. Second, I’m going to reach out to some of our past writers and see if they want to come back for a bit while I try to work out this new schedule.

Regardless, I just wanted you all to know that I am alive and kicking. I’m reading the news on a daily basis, as well as our Facebook Group and Forums, and it is killing me not being able to write some of the stuff up you guys are posting. Speaking of, thanks to all of you who do post those stories.

Also, for the couple of people who have inquired, the Pulpit of Doom podcast will be coming back. I am hoping for some non-advertised ones in December to get back into the swing of things before returning to our regular schedule in January.

Lastly, would any of you like us to start sliding in other morbid stuff like we used to? Movies, book, music recommendation type stuff? Let me know in the comments. Annnnywaaays, I hope all is well and, as always, thanks for the continued support and understanding. It means a hell of a lot.

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